Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{Sticklaces™} Craft Night at LOOK NOOK Sat July 16, 4-7!

Stick it where the sun shines! Join Madam Chino at the LOOK NOOK to make these fun necklaces (or whatever jewelry you want!) *Please see this POST

Here is a brief preview!
Stick hunt:
Stick hunt

Pruning Sheers, a drill with a tiny bit, and some nylon thread
Pruning and drilling stick beads

tada! a Sticklace!
Sticklace! Look nook craft night sat july 18

I will also have paints, brushes, snaxxx and drinxxx!

xx, v

{POTATOTES} Craft Night at LOOK NOOK Saturday July 9th

{POTATOTES} Carved potato block printed totes! Totes carvin' potates and makin' totes.