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{UNLTD} Look Nook in the media!

This is the writing i did earlier today as an exploration of the discussion that Bob and i had for this INTERVIEW at onmilwaukee.
This interview was like a therapy session for my conflictions. Thanks Bobby!
My main point of contention is with "branding" certain aspects of my life and work, vs making one-offs. Its like "art vs craft" in the theoretical sense it implies. The repetition involved in marketing and production can be satisfying but also boring. Unfortunately the streamlining involved to reach broader audiences draws away from a part of the one-of-a-kind quality that built the handmade industry in the first place.

The process of creating unique articles is hard to streamline

I struggle with where I should be biding time in the sense of having templates while preferring to work on the next puzzle peice. One-of-a-kind listings are a bounty of work because you have to list a lot more items. Its good to have a few key peices that you can remake and relist, but that doesn't always support the culture of entropy in using recycled/found/vintage fabric in production. And a culture of planetary virtue.

NECK class
hand made crochetti necklaces from recycled t-shirts available in all colors.

Books in print are the closest thing to maximized production that I've gotten as an artist, even where I am folding, punching, coiling and packaging books myself. My goal is to get each of my second printings of my books done completely on recycled paper, a cost that doesn't cover itself at its initial market value.
Certain objects are easily reproduced without the struggles of inconsistancy in the availability of your raw materials

Selling vintage is, compared to hand making one-offs and marketing them individually: hilarious, awesome and easy. Vintage listings are usually one-of-a-kind, however you are getting market value for something you didn't have to make. I see a vintage take over of the handmade arena both in suppliers and demanders. I endorse it because I am a collector of beautiful second-hand inspiration, and because people should actually be buying second hand too. However, it is not the end all for an artist.
vintage finds are one-of-a-kind listings but you are getting a market value with out having to actually produce anything

I like online, but for my work I prefer the integrative personality of the show room, doing the markets and having people handle things and try them on. My show room is stocked with both quality handmade and vintage clothing and supplies, books and zines. There is an Amigurumi (small crocheted animals) gallery show scheduled for may and june!

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