Wednesday, February 3, 2010

{TAG!} you're IT!

ALAS, i've begun the fun adventure of doing a thorough inventory of the LOOK NOOK. I've never been so excited to do INVENTORY. However, organization IS one of my favorite things in fact. (you probably wouldn't guess that by looking at my hair)

These are the tags, hand cut, hole punched and corner rounded...which is totally worth it!

For inventory, i'm using the number and letter process. Each 100 is a category, such as SUMMER LADIES, and each collection is a LETTER, so T-dresses are 100A and each dress is 101A, 102A, 103A; Reconstructed dresses are 100B and each dress is 101B, 102B, 103B, etc etc.

Its nice to have a full Excel file for all your own stuff, friends.