Sunday, July 6, 2008


Earlier to bed, earlier to rise, and full of vitamins.

Years have passed since i thought i staked my independant claim. But it took till now, even with a healthy food-minded upbringing of vegetarianism from birth and knowledge of necessary supplementation needs, to figure out HOW.

And, well, not all by myself. With the help of a few good friends and recipes.

-french press
-bartenders shaker
-tea pot
-large glass jar
-sauce pan
-double barrel stove top cooker with steam tray
-cast iron frying pan

-frozen berries
-protein powder
-soba noodles (lots of protein)
-brewers yeast
-tofurky cold cuts
-favorite bread
-olive oil

Iced tea is the best to keep on reserve! hot brew is efficient. Brew up several french press pots, pour them into your glass jar and refridgerate!

Elixer, you know, applecider vinegar, molasses, lemon, honey. cleans you up.

Morning juice is easier to stomach than a bowl of cereal, for my sensitive stomach. I am never actually hungry in the mornings, but if i whip up a batch of fruity yogurt protein in my bartenders shaker, my feet finally take landing from hanging about in dream world.

Kung Pao. Make some soba noodles, they have more protein and are faster to cook. Throw em in a bowl, along with some spinach, tomatoes, nuts, brewers yeast, and olive oil and what ever else you got. DANG.

Sammy, you taste good. I'd like a grilled cheese with all the freebies. Including tofurky cold cuts, spinach, tomatoe, raw onion, brewers yeast, baco's, what have you?!

Protein bars, what?! Candy bars with healthy value! YESSS.
*Salads and Sammy's are great because they are a loose structure for an ever changing palette, and they don't discriminate food groups. Supplements like brewers yeast, which tastes great and has many naturally occuring vitamins, is an amazing thing.

Coming soon:

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I'm way into shoes. They are the only thing i thought i could never make as far as clothing goes, so i started collecting millions since a young age. i have way more shoes than i need, and i have the most messed up feet in the world from years of service industry destruction. thanks for the tips folks, but it may not cover surgery. i ended up with faacitis or whatever you call it, and am doomed to step lightly for ever after.

they said shoes make the outfit, they said walk a mile in his shoes and you'd understand. well, if i walk a mile in some of these shoes, folks, it would ultimately kill. so anyway, i'm working on a funny book now about tons of things you can do with scarves. These things relate, i promise.

the most painful shoes are the ones that don't give any ankle support, including flip floppy shoes that slip off and make you curl your toes while you walk in order to keep them on, and high heels for obvious teetering reasons.

i gotta get pictures together, but basically, you weave a silky comfortable scarf through the side thongs of the flip floppy shoes, behind the ankle, and criss cross up, tying in a knot or bow around the ankle. This can be done for heels by pulling the scarf up between the sole and the spike, strapping that sucker onto your ankle with crisscross and tie motions. sexxxy, sweet, supportive, what more could you ask for in a man, i mean, shoe.