Thursday, September 4, 2014

{COURTSHORTS} Madam Chino Halter Short Rompers ONLINE!

Madam Chino Summer Halter Rompers! The beautiful Halter Short Romper is particularly good for long torso individuals. Darted triangle top matches darted shorts for a clean look. Front and back darted shorts are elasticized towards the back with elastic entrance at rear, complete with dual inset side pockets and ascending outer leg. Top is stitched at natural waistline, and can be easily fit for shorter torsos with a small line of stitches toward the neck. Please note if you are short torso and would like a shorter top.

Styled for beach wear, looks best with bandeau bra or bikini top on or off the beach.

Colors vary or by request!

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{AWEAR} @awear, a blog connecting and sharing the stories of sustainable fashion designers and consumers is now featuring the Madam Chino Story. Follow their ig and/or like the pics, go to to see the many inspiring stories of people changing fashion. Bookmark under tiiight.

96 : Vanessa Devaki Andrew
Vanessa is an artist, illustrator, clothing & textile designer, community educator and reuse entrepreneur. Her reuse clothing brand Madam Chino was born in 2003, and strives to remove the vanity and social irresponsibility from fashion through creative reuse.

In February 2014, Vanessa published the first Madam Chino website which seeks to overcome a problem plaguing many reuse clothing designers: lack of consistent material to provide quality products in volume. By streamlining the product source to focus on T-shirts, and accounting for their inherent variability, Madam Chino has been able to commit to constructing quality garments in multiple sizes and colors from post-consumer fibers.

All of Vanessa's designs are presented inside out with graphics appearing on the interior of the garment, unless by request. In production, scraps are sorted by color, type, and size, and new designs are created to implement what scraps are most plentiful at the time, helping them to generate the least possible waste.

Vanessa tells us ::
"I love that our products reveal the evolution of their story. It doesn't feel right to deny that process, in humans or objects. Madam Chino products are a perfect blending of modern and post-modern aesthetics that recognize the history of an object, while at the same time beautifying, simplifying and coalescing it for longer life."

Scoopback Peplum Shirt (by Madam Chino, repurposed from recycled t-shirt textiles, made in USA)
Pencil Skirt (by Madam Chino, repurposed from recycled t-shirt textiles, made in USA)


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