Saturday, January 30, 2010

{SHOOT!} bang bang!

TINA and BRIAN are a darn cute cupple that helped me shoot a bunch of straggler outfits that i didn't have documents of. The shoot went really great! I recommend shooting with a couple: A}they alternated so the process went really quick, while one was shooting the other was getting ready B}they interacted with one another during eachother's shoots to create really enhanced photos. Not all of them are pictured here! Check out the rest of their {SHOOT} on flickr!

Tina is sweet in this sweetheart dress. Those bust cups are YES old shoulderpads.

Brian pumps ironfists in this multicolored recon t-tank with armholes from old collars.

Tina in a purple paisley flip-hem shirtress... The bust is the old sleeves and the skirting is the sweatshirt ribbing flipped upside down! i'm currently working on a new set of these sweaterdresses for the shop

Brian wearing a flannel tank with pink buttons and high collar i made from scratch

Tina in a sweater wrap vest looking super sexy, i can't take all the credit

Brian in a stencil masked "tie" t-shirt

There's a bizzillion ways to reconstruct a t-shirt, and with this orange circledress, Tina's keepin' em guessin'

You'll never catch him when he's out jogging in this mixtape jogger, going FAST!

Friday, January 29, 2010

{i NEW you NEW!}

Here is just a few new little gatherings at the LOOK NOOK this week!
These cute {LEAFY WRISTLETTES} made from crocheted t-shirts, they come in all colors!

As long as I was learning to crochet I thought I'd get {PURSE-ONAL} with you. Perfect fit for tampons and condoms and what ever little personal items you need.

Vonn of V-GEAR made these awesome {CUP CORSETTES} that fit your pint-size jar of all purpose angel dust

You have the {POWER} to {TURN HIM ON LIKE A SWITCH} with collaged switchplates, lots of fun images to chose from!

And not last or least (because there's more to come) you can {COIN NEW PHRASES} with this tiny talking coin purse! (you have to be the voice though!) Hand screened images by madam chino...xoxox

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{If you need a RAINCHECK!}

This isn't a reality check, this is a RAINCHECK! It's like a gift certificate, but even cuter. Available NOW in any amount for Madam Chino's LOOK NOOK! xoxo, madam chino

ps. valid only for instore purchases, because i like your company

Thursday, January 14, 2010

{HOW TO} use your old nylons!

THIS is cool! Especially for us cool climate ladyfolk!
1> Start with an old pair of nylons, maybe its perfect for those ones with the holes in the toe.
2> Grab a scissors and cut a smallish hole in the crotch (this stuff stretches)
3> Enlarge the hole in the toe the size of your thumb, and uniform both feet like that.

4> Put your hands where your feet go! Put your thumbs where those holes were! Put your arms where your legs go! Put your head where your captain private goes! Put your waist where the waist is! POOF! a nice undershirt/bra!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{APPLE: an iron-on} for eve, teachers, daily eaters, and people who need reminders

These iron-ons are pre-heatset, and then have an iron-on interfacing attached and cut. LOTS of ironing out the details.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{PLEASE MS. POSTLADY} bring me a dream

I found out! well, this is how i did it to save paper
1. cut a clear transparency template
2. find your images and trace them
3. cut out images on 3 sides, leave a tab to hold it when placing it
4. precut your 8.5"x11" cardstock in 1/4ths with a paper cutter
5. set up a spray booth with precut newsprint
6. lay your image upside down and gently spray with {3M super 77 spray glue}
7. place your cardstock down at the edges carefully and accurately
8. pick it up using the excess area and place it in a drying area
9. gently use a screenprint squeegee or any other straight edge and press it
10. lay down new newsprint square in the spray booth and repeat!
*i precut the squares, but if it's hard to lay them down, you could just lay two on a page or get a large tagboard and then cut them out later.