Saturday, February 19, 2011


Apologies that the shop wasn't open today! I have to take advantage of the warm dry weather for moving my apartment, ahoy! I cleared out everything but my bed and packed an overnight bag.

Tonight I am working on the files for the floating balloons and swarmway animal migration and am going to try to get them lazer cut at uwm in black tagboard! In the meantime, windsor theater doors have been finalized (below)and sent for test print.
Here are some of the shapes for geese in the transums.
duck graphic BW
duck graphic

i hope everyone had a great day.

all the best,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{TREES/FOREST} transums, migrating geese, paper cutouts

In preparations for the TRUE/FALSE FILM FESTIVAL where I will be a resident artist preparing the windows of three theaters where the action happens. Here are the preparations via sketches and mock ups that I have put together for the show!

Transums: migrating geese paper cutouts with fishingline and magnets
Doors: printed cloud animals with blue glass film for shadows, raindrops painted on them in navy blue
Side: black paper painted balloons with nylon and magnets, random clouds, cardboard city and mountains

wax paper on the window is cool, but also pretty translucent depending on the light.

I used rubber cement which i'm not sure is the easiest clean up. maybe as much as paint. not a prefered option.

printed black on clear, animal footprints will scamper through the lower portion of the frames of the swarmway

painted cut outs of animal silhouettes leaping from one direction to the other, leading to the cinema

there is a nylon string across the segway with magnets holding these objects: a fabric leaf, and a 8x10 cardstock cutout leaping hound. They did not feel too heavy on the strand

paper forests will expand the floor to ceiling on side panels and enclose the central area. green paper chains with leaves and tendrils will drape through. possible grass border with painted cardboard

i pinned the butcher paper down to the carpet. it cut easily as i removed the negative space with an exacto blade

finished cut out with enclosed shapes and closed configuration for easy placement on the window frame. top and bottom edges can be taped for support, wrapped around a dowel like a scroll for transport and retaped on the window frame over the taped edge. mini peninsulas are kept short and dont flop down.

leaf links are applied directly to the branches, but can be applied to a paperchain and strung through the window. Another technique includes spirals for tendrils.

Ill be back with more pictures of the preparations!

madam chino
penny spencer

Thursday, February 3, 2011

{SNOW DAY!} mke wi 2011

at the fortress we have free parking! luckily, if you can get your car up the hill to park there before the storm, you are safe from the usual mess of street parking or even extracting your car from an alley. That also means walking a mile to and from the office. also, luckily, we had a snow day from school. Tyler and I walked to the fort and made things all day!
mke feb 2 2011
the bluster was creating snow drifts taller than people in some places
mke feb 2 2011
even the snowman was buried
mke feb 2 2011
but to build a new snowman you didn't even have to roll a ball, you could just grab out chunks of snow
new ty 015
we didn't see any bikers
mke feb 2 2011
to cross the street was a special challenge
mke feb 2 2011
but we made it up to the studio for hot ovaltine and some photoshoots and tyler is even using the serger to make pouches.
we had a great day!