Friday, February 5, 2010


WATT's NEW at the LOOK NOOK this WEEK!?!?!
KING PIN! we'll PIN A ROSE on your NOSE! you could hear a PIN DROP!

Penny $pencer is making buttons! how very adorable.

Here are a few close-ups of the 4packs.

WOODEN BLING! How very wholesome.

"It's Craftime Cinema with Madam Chino, get out your pen and take notes... What do you wanna try? We'll make it you and I!" These quarter sheet recycled paper notebooks are great for you're desk or your server apron. Feel good about saving the earth on the cheap, or distract yourself by reading what's on the back pages of the filler paper. hehehe.

Talk about HeadBANGERS! Keep your hair out of your eyes and your ears outta the cold while your at it. These assorted fleece lined winter sportbands have been on the HOTLIST all season, and they wont' stop, and they don't stop...

Cut a wide swath, but never from the same cloth!!! One of a kind vintage fabrics all stacked up to high heaven! This week i individually measured, tagged, inventoried, and photographed about 4 times as many peices as pictured. Picture that! Most of it is under $5.00 a yard. woo whoo!