Thursday, November 11, 2010

{getting STRANDED!}

{OBJECTIVE!} cut out a long strand from any shaped 2-d peice of fabric!
{MATERIALS!} any medium-large peice of scrap fabric, self-healing mat, rotary cutter

{1} {GATHER} materials
{2} {MAZES} Start cut at one end and cut lengthwise careful not to cut through the other end. Stop at the distance equal to the width of your cut. Start again on that side beginning a new lengthwise cut and stop again at the alternating end. Zig zag like drawing a maze back and forth.
my fabric was nice and big for a change, but this is great for scraplings, and can be used for looming, crochet, knitting, exsets.
{3} {GATHER} a skein by tugging the set in the center and wrapping with a scrap! Beginning a loop for your crochettis right away will help you find the end when you are going to work!
{4} {MAKE CLOTH-THINGS!} to see what I made, click HERE!

These necklaces are available at LOOK NOOK and as CUSTOM