Monday, July 9, 2012

{RENEGADE BROOKLYN} a day late and a buck more

Traveling 3 hours by subway and bus to LaGuardia Airport on a Friday night to discover that a fire in the air traffic control center was forestalling over half of the flights from departing, that I had a 6 hour line concluding my departure wouldn't be till Sunday, alas preventing me from participating in the MKE Summer Solstice Market, I can't say I was all THAT excited. HOWEVER, getting a phone message from my school informing me that I would have my job back next fall, and an email from RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR reminding me that Renegade Brooklyn would be that weekend resolved my sentiments. Besides, who doesn't want 2 extra days of vacation?

Having participated in Renegade Brooklyn two summers prior and driving all the way from Milwaukee WI in a rental car with Madam Chino goodies, I had an extra appreciation as an onlooker. This year it was in East River State Park, along the water in Brooklyn NYC.
june12 508
june12 509
As an artist and crafter it is hard to get the opportunity to relax and take in the visual and tactile textures of other crafters. Here are a few of the favorites I've chosen based on uniqueness and originality!

ERIN is the shop owner who does mini rug hooking and converts the finished pieces into all kinds of darling accessories. What a neat process! She sat out front with a hand-hooked name tag, and showed onlookers how she works.
june12 493
june12 492
june12 495

DIRTSA STUDIO chalkboard scroll banners
These ladies had such a fun interactive idea I was immediately drawn to their booth. Unpictured, there was a map of the USA where people could put an X on their hometowns, and by the time I arrived, three Milwaukeeans had already Xed out our town. What a cool way to track info in a thematic way.
june12 524
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june12 519

THIEF AND BANDIT geometry for your mind and body
I was introduced to Thief and Bandit when I was at Brooklyn Renegade two years ago. The owner Amie came to my booth and offered me a braided ribbon-clamped necklace in trade for one of my hand-printed woodgrain tanks. I was so flattered and excited! Thief and Bandit hand makes and screen prints "all-over" patterns all of their own shirts, a time consuming task well worth the results. This year they made little cruiser skateboards too!
THIEF and BANDIT website
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june12 517
june12 510

ALLISON WILDER sweet fanny pax
This lady makes the coolest contemporary fanny packs I've ever seen. She appears to do much more than that, as most artists do, but you can check out her blog and support her work by getting one of her shop items on etsy!
ALISON WILDER website/artkive
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june12 530

RUFFEO HEARTS LIL SNOTTY insane rainbow piecework for your treasure chests
I've been a long-time fan of RHLS because, beyond their awesome marketing tactics, they are amazing designers using deadstock fabrics pieced together in puzzle-like ways with intense consistency. From underwear to swimsuits, mesh tanks and spandex dresses, these people are obviously out of this world.
RHLS shop
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june12 526

talk soon!

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