Saturday, March 27, 2010

{LEATHER BANG} earrings!

Fringe earrings are the hair i didn't have when pixified, curing the phantom limb syndrome my clavicles craved. Originally, i created them out of t-shirt fabric as part of a specimin project for new species of display flora on my "earring tree" and they came in all array of colors.

I've been geeking over fringe lately since i found a ton of leather in SF, but it sort of goes back further to the indoor icicle project at Rochambo, an interior installation fringe awning. I'm also thinking of this awning in brown for the canopy that Owl Eyes and I are doing decorations committee for our summer sales tent.

Recently I created these tassle earrings mentioned a few posts down, the same shape, but with 3 different materials components:

And who doesn't love that little arrow? It's in all the best quilts.

But the point of this post is to present my new LEATHER BANG earrings in assorted colors!

SUPER FRESH! The trick is to use a rotary cutter, and a little wrist flicking.
Plus only the finest quality gold 7mm oval jumprings and brass hooks fully equipt with rubber backs.

madam chino