Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{Now WEAR was I?} In a SKIRTress~!

What is a skirtress? It's a (no-sew) converted skirt into a dress! I also call them skirt-hoists. With an abundance of awesomely patterned 80's woven below-the-knee skirts at the thrift store, many of which have a button opening at the side and an elastic waistband, why not? PERFECT! This way, we can turn them into dresses easily! Madam Chino makes detachable collars for this very convenience of turning too-long skirts into just-the-right-length dresses, and there are many ways to wear it!

With a detachable collar! (simply cut the collar off an old shirt that you don't like... astoundingly, the button and hole placements are opposite that they almost always fit together!) to make a nice haltar! of course, wear a cardigan over it, or a favorite tiny t-shirt or cami under for extra layers.

Add a tank/cami on top and tuck it under to the height of your preferred waistline for a sleeker, dressy silhouette

or wear it with suspenders and hike it up... somewhere in between the long skirt and a short dress...add a new vision to your old saggy waistlines

Alas, finally, this is an indian skirtress, what a flowy symphony! I simply slit 3/4of the waist just below the band, and then regathered and topstiched it for a bit of form, and slung it for a haltar. the drawstring still works, so you can control the width of the haltar measure. The only trick for this is that to get a straight bottom hem, you have to cut it at a slant (because now it's hanging like a hoist), so lay it out on the ground, or have someone cut it for you while you're wearing it.