Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{SAVE WETLANDS} Sky High Skateshop/Gallery Temporary Mural Project 4th ed.

Around 10 months ago I began a weekly project to draw portraits of endangered species using a specific centrally balanced format and limited pallette that formulaically popped and included a garland frame associated with identity shields. EGRET, POLAR BEAR

Not being able to decide what animal deserved the most attention, I instead went to biomes.
sky high gallery mural design idea
I researched a list of Wetlands Habitat plants and animals.

My final image starts with individual elements that are pencil sketched and then inked, then scanned. data
The resulting images must be "closed configurations" which means that they have a "closed circuit" contour line enclosing the entire "object." If they are not, they can be corrected in photoshop.
In this way, objects can be individually selected by selecting the negative space around it, then selecting the inverse of it.

Each object is pasted into the new composition on its own labeled layer, transformed and arranged, thus "knitting" the composition together in photoshop. This was a progress report on the image layers
mural progress report

Final images can have hundreds of layers, which i keep separate the entire time rather than flattening any of them.

This image was then saved as a flattened object, and taken to kinkos to get a transparency made.

Luckily i have a pretty sweet hallway to work on this. The wood needed to either be installed somewhere or stretched on a frame. The projector has to be far enough back to focus properly. I drilled it in to the brick. Now for the fun part. Actually painting!!!

Here is the border finished with and without the projector. data

Fun to see progress when you turn off the light.

Stay tuned! The mural goes up next week Thursday, ready for the friday Fine Line 4th Edition party at SKY HIGH

xx, v