Monday, August 19, 2013

{BLUE PRINCE} Look Nook Drawing Plans

The original drawings for the LOOK NOOK space have been unearthed:

These are plans for quartered slats of wood rounds to be used for corner shelving. If only a chainsaw was available. This never came to fruition, but a good idea the same.
look nook plans 2009

This is the room drawing. Look Nook originally started in a the small 6x10 foot room which slowly built out into the space where the shoe racks are.
look nook plans 2009

These trees were painted on the walls of the front room on all four sides. View the final in this MAKING OF THE LOOK NOOK BLOGPOST and this POST FINISHED LOOK NOOK TOUR BLOGPOST!
look nook plans 2009

LOOK NOOK is closed in the summer, and will be open by appointment throughout the fall. Please contact Madam Chino for an appointment at

We are steady working on our website and building it from the ground up! Madam Chino is hard at work to bring the best of recycled t-shirts to the public worldwide.

Madam Chino