Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{PHOTOGRAM} screen prints

I have been working on this for a little while, however am waiting until i settle back into doing studio work after a winter hiatus back in the drawing office.

Photograms are very basic ways to create images on light sensitive surfaces by using shadows of objects! I decided to try this using a beautiful lace table covering:

TONS 021

TONS 018

Alas, the result is a burned screen!

TONS 002

Some problems can arise with having a lot of stencil space. Too much ink can flood the other spaces, causing the image to smudge and smush. One way to solve this is to create a 3rd layer stencil, and tape off areas of the screen to use as a launch pad for the ink. I plan on using plastic sheeting to cut out various shapes, including a sweetheart top, to screen onto standard tanks.

I'll be back!

madam chino

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{WAUKESHA COMMUNITY ART PROJECT} a great place to sponsor

I'm the lucky teacher of "Fashion Construction" at WCAP every Monday and Wednesday in the adorable downtown Waukesha. Waukesha Community Arts Project was founded in 2007 by a college friend named Page, who knows the importance of art in the community, and founded the non-profit as an afterschool program to be FREE for kids.

Keeping it free means:
-All kids, including low-income kids, have cool options of things to do afterschool to stay out of trouble.
-She has to do a lot of volunteer work to write grants and fundraise for the program so she can pay for the space, materials, instructors, and afterschool snacks.
-You can donate! Make your year end charitable donations by contacting Page here.
-Also, she is looking for an intern, possibly paid on commission, to help her write grants and organize funds for the program. If you are interested or know anyone who is, please send them her way by contacting her through her website or on FB.


Check out all the photos to see what's been happening!

Live in Waukesha or know people who do?! Send them over this weekend SATURDAY to our event JINGLE BELL CRAFTS! The youth participants set up the center into a one-day shop, and are selling the accessories and gift items we produced during our first 2 months to earn money for both the program and themselves!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

{getting STRANDED!}

{OBJECTIVE!} cut out a long strand from any shaped 2-d peice of fabric!
{MATERIALS!} any medium-large peice of scrap fabric, self-healing mat, rotary cutter

{1} {GATHER} materials
{2} {MAZES} Start cut at one end and cut lengthwise careful not to cut through the other end. Stop at the distance equal to the width of your cut. Start again on that side beginning a new lengthwise cut and stop again at the alternating end. Zig zag like drawing a maze back and forth.
my fabric was nice and big for a change, but this is great for scraplings, and can be used for looming, crochet, knitting, exsets.
{3} {GATHER} a skein by tugging the set in the center and wrapping with a scrap! Beginning a loop for your crochettis right away will help you find the end when you are going to work!
{4} {MAKE CLOTH-THINGS!} to see what I made, click HERE!

These necklaces are available at LOOK NOOK and as CUSTOM


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{Mother Nature Network!} look nook in the media

This summer I spoke to student workers at the Milwaukee Business Investment Bureau about how you can be an earth friendly entrepreneur with out having to pull weeds and plant trees. I set up a powerpoint lecture, spoke for an hour two times in a lecture hall, and then the kids got to come to the LOOK NOOK in groups to see my shop and production area, learn to make buttons, crochet, and screenprint! It was awesome. I just googled the LOOK NOOK and found an article that was written by Allie Taylor, a local correspondant for the Mother Nature Network regarding my work! I feel so happy to be a part of a group of people working for a brighter future! Here are the parts of the article about it, which you can read in it's entirety HERE

"Repurposing clothing
Moving away from fertilizer-type recycling, the third count of Milwaukee's alternative recycling is found at Madam Chino's Look Nook. The Look Nook's founder, Vanessa Andrew, recently spoke to a group of high school students interested in environmental conservation. While explaining her business of buying used T-shirts and reconfiguring them into stylish dresses, she gracefully stitched together ideas of
consumer culture, economics, recycling, art, and entrepreneurialism. Reusing old fabrics for new clothes or completely new objects like patches or wall art, Andrew is pushing commonly held notions of fashion while engaging in a low-impact model of society. One reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said:

"One of Andrew's fortes is repurposing old things in creative, even conceptual, ways. Who would have thought that an old pair of women's tights could be transformed into a stretchy top, a bundle of '80s sweaters into a hoodie or a pair of old keys into earrings?"

Vanessa Andrew thought of making a new shirt out of old nylons. Will Allen, founder of Growing Power, probably thought of transporting local food waste to make richer soil. O.J. Noer studied the properties and benefits of Milorganite in the 1920s. It is thanks to these three creative thinkers, among many more, I'm sure, that we are all inspired to reinvent the idea of recycling and push us to become greener and greener."


Monday, October 25, 2010


Hittin the books this month!

Alphabet Eyes: a zine of alphabet sonances
MYtinerary: 3rd Ed!
Charactionary: an interactive character activity book!


Monday, October 18, 2010

{PANTALOONS} in flight

Step 1: Take off your trousers.
Step 2: Replace them with Madam Chino Pantaloons!
Step 3: Step it up a notch with out ever moving a step.

BLACK scarecrow pantaloons

BLACK taperpleat pantaloons
BLACK taperpleat pantaloons

BLACK scarecrow pantaloons

See the rest of the HEsHERs SET: these are new Madam Chino Original forms created by upcycling t-shirts!

Available now at Look Nook and soon on Etsy.

Special thanks to Model Stephanie Alderson!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{MMECHI at MIM} hotshots

Made In Milwaukee! 2010
Angela Andrew in Madam Chino!

Made In Milwaukee! 2010
Chartreuse Litgens in Madam Chino!

Made In Milwaukee! 2010
Justine Andrew in Madam Chino!

Made In Milwaukee! 2010
Sam Sanborn in Madam Chino!

Made In Milwaukee! 2010
Angie Graf in Madam Chino!

Made In Milwaukee!
Stefani Alderson in Madam Chino!

You're next!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

{KNICKknack!} Talk the Walk!

What a great weekend! We had a lot of fun people participate! Look Nook and Project M are both working with Stonefly to bring KnickKnack to regular event status! The venue is so huge and very neat to see it transformed for multiuse. Once brunch picks up and the summer arrives again, the possibilities are endless! I know this is the first year I'm ahead of the holiday shopping train with great gifts.

ASHLEY ELLEN: Holiday Fare!
Young Ashley has been a devoted model for Madam Chino since the age of 17. She is foxy and always makes my clothes look amazing, enfusing her energetic character in the garments! She started making holiday stockings and this was her very first craft fair! She is currently working on developing a line of items and I spent my morning at Rochambo giving her the whole mini-business runthrough. I love to see this budding!

STACIAN: Unmanned Ship Cassettes!
Dania Luck is thee coolest lady back in town from chicago, and we are stoked. Shes the amazing musician STACIAN, selling her teal blue split cassettes with highly detailed hand screened sleeves along side a listening "STATION". In addition, a line of clever undies and shirts under the label HERBAL GERM

SPINSTER CRAFTS: Beardana Bandit!
You really can't go wrong here. This lady is witty and clever. Everything in her line is something i've never seen anywhere else. From the bottlecap acorn ornaments, to the knitted cupcakes, to this infamous BEARDANA, Laura Gorzek MPS Artist Resident is the lady with the idea.

SET APART ART!: Knitwits!
I don't know what's sweeter, these affordable and daring crocheted earrings and hats, or Trair, the lady behind the label. She taught me about infinity scarves; closed circuits that double up on your neck! Her work uses super soft colorful yarns brought together into theorized color sets with creative knotting that combines both variety AND consistency. I can't wait to get a special line at the LOOK NOOK! Her work is currently available at both Project M and Boutique Revolution

Kelly and Bree are super cool ladies with their heads on their shoulders: The best accessory a body can have! But then, on top of that, they deck it out. Some of the most texture and variety I've seen in both inventory items and techniques: from silky ruffle brooches to dazzling blingy glitter headbands. Project M houses mid-west artists right across the street from Stonefly! What a great resource.

EUGENELYNN: Simon weaves baskets!
Nicole and Simon McConnico stunned me with their crafty ways. This husband wife duo busts off with some rad clads: Recycled crayons in the form of Female Busts, Pin-ups, Seasame Street Characters, and Starwars guys; all from the cast away nubs of children in Nicole's classroom. Simon has a great "funny face" when he makes it, and was using it while doing some onsite demos weaving baskets out of rolled newspaper and pressing books!

Kat Charneski has been selling her amazing plastic canvas jewelry at the LOOK NOOK, which currently houses her necklace collection. Galactic Apache also makes insane "feather" (featherstitched plastic canvas) headgear to be worn off to the side like a twisted crown. Thanks to the powers that be, Kat has traveled back from the future to bring us these new shapes.

VONN: Bows!
Vonn is Lisa G. She is a good friend, and I encourage her to start an online shop frequently, but she seems to prefer to work on a face-to-face basis. Find her work at LOOK NOOK and Sparrow Gallery where she is an excellent tailor and does affordable repair work! We are working on a clothing repair event at LOOK NOOK in January.

PENNY SPENCER!: Feeling Organized!
The night before the show, I found great and lasting satisfaction in creating all new tabs for the portable caddy files of my work: postcards, miss you cards, thank you cards, recycled mini spirals, handdrawn/screened patches, and all my books and zines. This is, the gift that keeps giving! hahaha.

Ill be writing again soon!

xo, essa

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{HoverCRAFT MKE!} Last CALL!

The deadline for Local Milwaukeean Artists/Crafters to apply for HOVERCRAFT is tomorrow! Please visit our blog for more info: on how to submit!


Madam Chino!

Friday, September 17, 2010



Contact: Vanessa Andrew, Gallery Coordinator
Address: Stonefly Brewing Company
735 E. Center Street
Milwaukee WI 53212
Phone: 414-264-3130, Business hours m-f 4pm-1am, sat 12pm-2am, sun 10am-1am.
Alternate Phone Number: Vanessa 414-303-1981 (cell)
Email: URL:
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Join us during the River West Art Walk Saturday October 2nd and Sunday October 3rd, 2010 between noon and 5pm! In affiliation with the River West Artists Association and the Jazz Gallery, celebrate local photography, painting, sculpture, crafts, clothes and beer with hanging indoor wall art, outdoor vendor tables, and upstairs open studios; up to 30 different artists vending wares/wears. Stonefly kitchen will be open and begin serving brunch on Sunday at 10 am!

All artwork will be priced as marked and all sales are made independently of Stonefly Brewing Company. Artists are welcome to submit their work; space is free, by emailing links and jpgs to

For an up-to-date calendar of show bookings visit Stonefly at and Madam Chino at

Madam Chino!
Im online!


{KNICKKNACK} 2 day, 2 story Artist Event featuring Local Artists and Vendors, DJs,
and Beer SAT and SUN, OCT 2-3, NOON-5pm at STONEFLY BREWERY

APPLY NOW! by sending 3-5 photos of your work to!
Deadline to APPLY is FRIDAY SEPT 24th!

BOOTHS are FREE and NO CONSIGNMENT is taken on any SALES.
INDOOR wall spaces are 4 ft by 12 ft, and spaces are limit.
OUTDOOR vendor spaces are 8 ft tables or 10x10 tents.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 24th by emailing your interest and photos, or drop off application at stonefly. You will be emailed the Exhibit Agreement to bring back/ fill one out on the day of the show!
*If late apps are accepted will be determined by the amount of space!

SET-UP: 9am-NOON on Saturday October 2nd for indoor artworks, 11am-noon for outdoor vendors
All wall hung artworks can be left over night. Vendors will need to secure their own goods each day at 5pm.

TAKE-DOWN: Sunday October 3rd 5-9pm. No artwork can be stored. Please arrange for someone to pick up for you if you are unable to attend that day. We will be as accomodating as possible.
flyer by vanessa andrew published at penny spencer ink!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look Nook {EVENTS!}

OH MAN! CZECK IT! There is a STAMPEDE of cool events coming for the new season. Check them out! SIGN UP! All info is Chronological to the right. Here, I list deadlines first! Click on all the links! Email for applications!

MKEZF at Falcon Bowl Sat November 13th 11am-6pm

FRI SEPT 24th, 2010 +{DEADLINE for KNICKKNACK! APPLICANTS!} email for an app See event below for more information! VENDORS! Booths are free!

FRI SEPT 30th, 2010 +{DEADLINE for HOVERcraft! APPLICANTS!} HOVERcraft! Sunday December 12th at Bay View Brewhaus. email for apps

THURS OCT 7th, 2010 +{DEADLINE for MARY NOHL FELLOWSHIP APPLICANTS!} to get the applications!

FRI NOV 5th, 2010 +{DEADLINE for URBAN GARAGE SALE APPLICANTS} email for an application!

NOW thru OCTOBER 9th, 2010
+{EAST SIDE GREEN MARKET} Beans and Barley Parking lot North ave and Kenilworth 10am-3pm with a grape stomp.

ESGM Entertainment DeWann Ultimate[1]

SAT SEPT 13th 2010
+ {SWAP-O-RAMA} Milwaukee Sewing Machine Company 7226 W. Greenfield Avenue in West Allis Phone: 414-443-6444 *Admission: bring a bag of clothes, you can take as much as you want! On site sewing machines, reconstruction demos, and more!


SAT SEPT 13th 2010
+ {Madam Chino's LOOK NOOK} 100A East Pleasant Street 3rd Floor in the Fortress ShowRoom from 5-7 Handmade, Upcycled, Vintage, Clothing, Supplies SUPPLIES

WEDS SEPT 22nd, 2010
+ {UWM Student GREEN FAIR} UWM Union Concourse 11am-2pm Reconstruct T-shirts Make and Take~!machine terminology

SAT October 2nd- SUN October 3rd
+ {KNICKKNACK!} 2floor, in/outdoor art event walls and booths, during RW ARTwalk! At Stonefly Brewery 735 E. Center St Sat and Sun 12-5pm


Czeck out the River West Artists Association BLOG

artwalk 2010 ink outline

NOV 9th, 2010 6pm-8pm
+ {NO-SWEAT SEWING!} UWM Studio Art and Craft Centre Unique uniforms and uncommon costume, made-to-measure! Learn to sew, No-Sweat! Produce personalized patterns (both busts and bottoms) to suit silhouettes with fresh fabrics or appropriate preexisting apparel. Texturize your textiles with surface structure. Originate your own ornamental opulence and focus on favorite features!
Instructor: Vanessa Andrew
UWM Students: $80 Faculty, staff, alumni: $90 Community members: $100 treclamationcover

SAT NOV 13th, 2010
+ {Milwaukee Zine Fest!} at FALCON BOWL 801 E. Clark St 11am-6pmmzfbanner1

SAT NOV 27th, 2010
+ {ART VS CRAFT!} Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center Downtown Milwaukee, WI 10am-6pm$3 admission, kids under 13 free 55+ unique vendors avc

SAT DEC 4th, 2010
+ {URBAN GARAGE SALE} Turner Hall Ballroom Saturday December 4th 10:30am-4:30pm


SUN DEC 12th, 2010
+ {HOVERCRAFT} Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 12:00pm Bay View Brew Haus, Milwaukee, WI
Creative and Inspired Local Handmade whether it’s Craft, Art, Design or Performance...www.hovercraftmke.blogspot.comhovercraftPIC