Saturday, April 30, 2011

{STICKY SITUATION} stick earrings

First i went to the park to get some felled sticks!
old public pool

I counted them out to make some pairs
collecting sticks

Back in the studio, the fun was playing matchmaker
match making

they made charming pairs

I gathered the pliers and my simple solution to making show earrings for my models on the fly: paperclips.
paperclip fixtures

For the paperclips, first i straightened them, then i made these little triangle folds. In the future I will purchase proper metals and bend them to these same shapes!

with the tiniest drillbit, i made small holes and threaded the triangles before I twisted them into loops at the top!

painting them and adding little leather scraplings made for proper flair!
painted with leather and earrings


madam chino

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