Thursday, October 4, 2012

{REDRESS} Turned Down Button-Downs get Turned Up

Verb: Remedy or set right (an undesirable or unfair situation)
Noun: Remedy or compensation for a wrong or grievance.
verb. repair - rectify - retrieve - remedy - compensate
noun. reparation - compensation - indemnity - amends

Last year I ran into a "LOT" (pun intended!!) of button-up business shirts that I was scouted out to be the recipient of, by virtue of my reputation for rippin' and stitchin' old clothes.
I've housed over 75 great men's business button-ups, mainly size 34" and up, practically giving them away in my shop during liquidation events, and with what I've left am recreating a Madam Chino Classic from over 8 years ago.
These dresses are created using almost every bit save for maybe 5" squared, and will be available for retail at ART vs. CRAFT this year as well as in my shop throughout the season. Here is a walk through of the studio production as it happens!

At the cutting table:
#deconstructing a large batch of #secondhand #buttonup #shirts for #thirdhand dresses

the old collars become "de-decollettes" a little made up word by Madam Chino.
De`col`le`te´ (dã`kǒl`le`tã´). a. 1. Leaving the neck and shoulders uncovered; cut low in the neck, or low-necked, as a dress.
Or in-other-words, the Madam Chino way of combining a high (popped) collar, with a low neck shirt.

the old sleeves come together at the wrist as a collar

Pinning the old torso to the new waist:

Stitched with a box pleat center:

A group of finals! Lastly with front elastic and back pleats.
#diy #thirdhand #buttonup #dress


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