Saturday, January 30, 2010

{SHOOT!} bang bang!

TINA and BRIAN are a darn cute cupple that helped me shoot a bunch of straggler outfits that i didn't have documents of. The shoot went really great! I recommend shooting with a couple: A}they alternated so the process went really quick, while one was shooting the other was getting ready B}they interacted with one another during eachother's shoots to create really enhanced photos. Not all of them are pictured here! Check out the rest of their {SHOOT} on flickr!

Tina is sweet in this sweetheart dress. Those bust cups are YES old shoulderpads.

Brian pumps ironfists in this multicolored recon t-tank with armholes from old collars.

Tina in a purple paisley flip-hem shirtress... The bust is the old sleeves and the skirting is the sweatshirt ribbing flipped upside down! i'm currently working on a new set of these sweaterdresses for the shop

Brian wearing a flannel tank with pink buttons and high collar i made from scratch

Tina in a sweater wrap vest looking super sexy, i can't take all the credit

Brian in a stencil masked "tie" t-shirt

There's a bizzillion ways to reconstruct a t-shirt, and with this orange circledress, Tina's keepin' em guessin'

You'll never catch him when he's out jogging in this mixtape jogger, going FAST!