Monday, May 27, 2013

{TAG} You're IT! at LOOK NOOK

Packaging adds novelty to any given thing. Take a piece of trash a put it in a package, and someone might treasure it more. From an eco-friendly maker and consumer who wants people to think about how objects come and go, this is a strange but important concept to recognize. To contain something in it's very own bubble gives it a newness that removes the process of making from the beholder, creating an awe/wonder of the objects' other-worldliness. A micro-environment of separateness (created by a label or a package) allows consumers to feel that same newness. It is important to create a space around each item, where each is competing for attention, to provide viewers with information. It also has a practical use of identifying and/or protecting the object.

A new tag punch was ascertained and Madam Chino has been steady creating new paper label spreadsheets with handwritten cleverly concocted names for the many novel items hand-made and available at LOOK NOOK!

ULINE is a great company to get little ziplock baggies for smaller items amidst many other shop supplies. They come in all shapes! These little 3x4's are great for earrings. Earrings are stuck into paper, slid into the zips, and printed templates tops are cut, bone-folded, hole punched, and stapled over the closed ziplock.

A ream of red cardstock was cut into strips and then further handcut into arrows with hold punches for hangers. Each unique vintage item is sharpie-labeled with name and price before setting to rack.

For more unique handmade items, photospreads are created like the one below, and the images are placed with special care tags and business cards inside of individual mini-ziplocks and pinned to hangers so that the image faces out. Many times, clothing is not done justice on a hanger, so the images assist viewers in seeing the object on a form at first sight

Really there are many tags that are necessary to properly perform the functions of informing for an object. There are care tags, size tags, inventory tags, labels/packaging tags, shipping tags, thank you tags, business card tags, and many variations in them for the type of objects suiting. Boy, a bar code scanner would be awesome.

Madam Chino