Saturday, April 21, 2012

{GETTING READY} Madam Chino Spring Collection 2012

Lots of show preparations for two full Men's and Women's Collections by Madam Chino again this year!!!

Madam Chino Women's Collections are always made with 100% recycled t-shirts building off of pre-existing forms in ever-creative ways

Tassel and POM EARRINGS in swing...
2012-04-05 13.30.53.jpg
2012-04-07 16.26.20.jpg
2012-04-07 16.26.43.jpg
2012-04-07 16.25.33.jpg
2012-04-10 18.41.54.jpg

T-shirt yarn is fabulous!!! *please see my T-YARN YOU-TORIAL
These are crocheted with t'shirt yarn. I made a single chain necklace, draped armholes from them and then filled the rest in with more crochets, using the dress form to inform the number of stitches in a sort of free-style way.
2012-03-21 14.12.55.jpg
2012-03-21 14.13.41.jpg
i crocheted these out of t-shirt yarn
2012-03-21 14.08.52.jpg

Madam Chino's Men's Collections are always 100% Upcycled Plaid Flannels improving on weather-versatility and usability. This year Madam Chino makes 72 buttons out of a dowel, chopping, drilling, sanding and finishing them for the front of this years sporty draw-string hoodies complete with matching inner sleeve cuffs, brown elbow patches and fleece pockets

chop saw and button template
sanding buttons
button dipping hanger
button dip

The hoodies have iron on elbow patches that I used once before for knees
2012-04-15 18.16.35.jpg
and fleece-lined (upcycled snuggies) cuffs that match the hood fabrics
A picture of the men's collection in progress on the line.
2012-04-15 19.18.20.jpg

Look for the show photos