Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{IT'S TRUE} on the block!

TFfilmFEST2011 345
Polina's house where I first stayed the night!
TFfilmFEST2011 038
TFfilmFEST2011 034
Two and Co.
TFfilmFEST2011 037
But I would actually be staying at Ann's House! Ann is an elementary school art teacher in Columbia, Missouri! She was so kind to take me in and make me feel so at home. She hooked up a ride, a bike, fruit, beer, towels, a robe, and so many smiles and good feelings its no wonder shes an Art Mom!
TFfilmFEST2011 149
The Welcoming!
TFfilmFEST2011 118
roomy room
TFfilmFEST2011 122
sew a while
TFfilmFEST2011 117
place to look from
TFfilmFEST2011 124
friends of the house
TFfilmFEST2011 130
it's true!
TFfilmFEST2011 135
goin' to town
TFfilmFEST2011 193
party at the box office
TFfilmFEST2011 198
with Bramble and Crystal day 2 volunteer!
TFfilmFEST2011 197
TFfilmFEST2011 196
Food vouchers from sponsoring columbia businesses included Main Squeeze, they even had a bike delivery food service and crocheted plastic bag chair mats!
TFfilmFEST2011 202
Milwaukeean Jesse Graves and we go to the rain parade for T/F
TFfilmFEST2011 317
This guy captured my heart with his camera bandolier
TFfilmFEST2011 330
Favorite parade costume
TFfilmFEST2011 308
Floats your boat in a Boat Float.
TFfilmFEST2011 322
We see some movies at Missouri Theater. First night Benda Bilili, second night Buck and Troll Hunter.
TFfilmFEST2011 337
Somehow Dania Luck from Milwaukee had already been in town playing a show the night before! Milwaukee Reppin'!
TFfilmFEST2011 336
Besides checkin out all the movies, some thrift shop actions, Jesse and I ventured out on our last night to drink and eat our vouchers. We kicked it with these guys from Bramble!
TFfilmFEST2011 373
Went out to drinks at Broadway Brewery
TFfilmFEST2011 376
and went to a show at Berlin Cafe where there was an awesome photo booth and touring bands. Check out the photobooth from OH SNAP!

to be continued!