Saturday, April 30, 2011

{STICKY SITUATION} stick earrings

First i went to the park to get some felled sticks!
old public pool

I counted them out to make some pairs
collecting sticks

Back in the studio, the fun was playing matchmaker
match making

they made charming pairs

I gathered the pliers and my simple solution to making show earrings for my models on the fly: paperclips.
paperclip fixtures

For the paperclips, first i straightened them, then i made these little triangle folds. In the future I will purchase proper metals and bend them to these same shapes!

with the tiniest drillbit, i made small holes and threaded the triangles before I twisted them into loops at the top!

painting them and adding little leather scraplings made for proper flair!
painted with leather and earrings


madam chino

{PREP WORK} studiotimes

Always nice to look back post show and remember the preparations of finished works! I am currently attempting to book it up with some gracious models for the newest work, possibly in the piano room!

Mean time, here are a few progress shots in the studio, all of which are available HERE
First necessity, a clean and rearranged studio workspace:
first vision

The Sewing Company

Wildcats T-shirt reclamation! The waistline circle-skirting is made by cuttin up the side of a shirt and then opening from sleeve to shoulder and flattening the circular collars agains the straight waist.

The cleanest thing i've ever seen! a table with stretched fabric for pinning!

t-shirt fabrics cut in various shapes appropriate for reconstructing the desired style~

A hand drawn bird being hand screened in 2 layers with masking sheets to avoid ghosts
Birds and masks

Beautiful lady friend helpers
coming together from either end!

Watch the video in the following post to see the show!

madam chino!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

6th Annual {EARTHDAY RUN WAY with Madam Chino and Friends!}


One more year!

In celebration of Earth Week on Wednesday April 20th 2011 at High Noon and 12:30pm, UWM will sponsor the 6th Annual “EARTH DAY RUNWAY with Madam Chino and Friends.” The high energy spring fashion show will feature the Madam Chino Spring Men and Women's Collections in addition to the student work of her NO-SWEAT SEWING classes at the UWM Studio Arts and Crafts Centre. Music will be presented by the Drummers of the UWM dance Department in association with De La Buena.

Madam Chino has been creating recycled wearable art in Milwaukee for nearly ten years. All of her work is constructed using rescued fabric and much of it includes hand drawn hand screened prints.

Madam Chino’s LOOK NOOK is her official showroom open each Saturday from noon-six pm at 100A E. Pleasant Street on the 3rd floor of the Milwaukee Fortress building. View the work by visiting following links!