Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{PLEASE MS. POSTLADY} bring me a dream

I found out! well, this is how i did it to save paper
1. cut a clear transparency template
2. find your images and trace them
3. cut out images on 3 sides, leave a tab to hold it when placing it
4. precut your 8.5"x11" cardstock in 1/4ths with a paper cutter
5. set up a spray booth with precut newsprint
6. lay your image upside down and gently spray with {3M super 77 spray glue}
7. place your cardstock down at the edges carefully and accurately
8. pick it up using the excess area and place it in a drying area
9. gently use a screenprint squeegee or any other straight edge and press it
10. lay down new newsprint square in the spray booth and repeat!
*i precut the squares, but if it's hard to lay them down, you could just lay two on a page or get a large tagboard and then cut them out later.