Friday, October 26, 2012

{WILD'n'WOOLY} Keepin' Toasty

WILD'n'WOOLY recap! Just another fun shop sale/party at LOOK NOOK thanks to all the good company. Keep a look out for this merchandise in new locations, especially as a magic carpet soaring through outer space, thanks to the green screen in the party room!

We threw confetti!
And stayed toasty by the campfire
LOOKNOOK will be having inconsistent hours for the next few weeks!~

Tomorrow, October 27th is the Made in Milwaukee Event at Turner Hall, where Madam Chino takes a break and breaks out with a guest appearance as the stage persona "Star Hamilton" in the Vintage Wears of Bolted MKE fashion show run. SHOP will be closed after 3pm!~

Next Saturday, November 3rd is Milwaukee Zine Fest at Polish Falcon, where Madam Chino will be making an appearance as the alias "Penny Spencer" self-publishing extraordinaire, presenting workshop "Post-Carte Blanche" where we will be making our own postcards! SHOP will be closed all day!

Please follow the links to the facebook events to learn more! And keep your ears open for upcoming pants sale "SLACKER" at LOOK NOOK in addition to the NO-SWEAT SEWING classes at the UWM Craft Centre Mondays for 5 weeks starting November 3rd from 6pm-8:30pm!

Madam Chino