Saturday, January 28, 2012

{T-POMS} d.i.y. pom-making

I created these sets of C-shaped cardboards by tracing a cookie tin and a bottle of wine, and carving them out with an exacto.
2012-01-16 18.02.34.jpg
To make a pom with t-yarn (*see t-yarn you-torial HERE)
Use a strand of yarn and sandwich it between two of the C-shapes, so that the ends come out of the break in the circle.
2012-01-16 17.53.40.jpg
Wrap the boards with a new, long strand of yarn, as much as you can, running the long end through the opening in the cardboard to get it through.
2012-01-16 17.55.29.jpg
Pull the original yarn toward the center and half knot it to gather the strands
2012-01-16 17.55.51.jpg
Hold the disc on the table top to secure the strands with some pressure. Take a scissors and begin cutting along the outer fold of the wound strands, clipping them a few at a time.
2012-01-16 17.56.16.jpg
Once you have released all the strands, finish pulling the original strand until it is very taught. 2012-01-16 17.57.41.jpg
Use a helping hand to hold the half knot tight while you tie a double knot.
2012-01-16 17.58.02.jpg
Slide your pom out of the opening in the cardboard
2012-01-16 17.58.02.jpg
then fluff and trim!
2012-01-16 18.00.22.jpg