Tuesday, April 27, 2010

{ALPHABET EYES} a read aloud

By Vanessa Devaki Andrew
Coming Soon in mini-memo formation
at Penny Spencer INK!
Milwaukee WI


Austere alphabets auxillarate authentically
Any awareness always awesome
Annoying assholes approach anytime
Attitude appraised alot
Assert aloof apathy
Adapt appreciation around anyone
Apprentice appropriation
Aloe alleviates approximately
Antiquity apprehensions adapt alibys
Adopt an asking answer
Appear as an angel
Apples ask about all above

Banishing bread breaks breathing
Bad babies beaten bottoms
Bambi bashfully bends backward
Before baths, bring beer
Broken banister breeds balance
Brave balloon becomes beachball
Boys bed braces belly bets
Business bastards back Bush
Believing benzenes been built booming
Beverage bars bask baffled bitches
Blue books being buried
Benevolent bulletin boards beseech behavior
Because best benches barely benefit
Blackberry bramble blazing bliss branches
Blundering blustering bogus blurbs bleep
Billions biotic billards brag bestness
Brother boldly backs brethren

Cancerous creeps corrupting consumers
Careful cover-ups can Keep contagious cavities cognito
Canned cabbage, carrots, cauliflower
Crazy capers
Caspian covenants conduct creative cancellations
Clean cabinets castrate crooked cochroaches
Creating colorful characatures
Creepy caldron cooks corpses
Caffine cadiver calcium cripple
Cresent cradles cordial crests

Dreams dictate davenport dancing
Devil's deliciously disguise density
Daquiri dopamine deviates derelics
Doorknobs do destiny dives
Dentures don't divide
Def daddy's dapple drugs
Dank dashes door da door
Daily deacons doses docile
Daffy duck drapes dragons
Drowsy dolly defeats dreaded decaf
Dresser drawers draw drippy dresses
Definate domes deselect drab days
Desks disclose dormant diffusion
Dorky dumbodians dictate daughters

Even elephants eek
Envision epilepsy evolving ensembles
Eat everything except extras
East enchants empty earthlings
Evermore eventually ends
Evil endeavors explicate exstacy
Exstatic elevators enter elastically
Eery estrangement exits
Evolve essences
Excersize extrapolates extraneous externals
Exes experiencing estrogen espionage
Expressionist evolving endangered emotions, especially endorphins
Even eve eats eggs
Entrance exams

Faite finds fumbling fool festive
Fat forms fallow folds
Freezing facists fake fabulous
Fiddle forms fast frequency
Freaky friends finally fuck
Furiousity frazzels foreheads
Freedom fences fall flat
Fly flavor frenzy forces flight
Fruit flea flung family forever
Feasible feasts fascinate fractions
Females forego fictition
Fasting formulates fresh fantasy
Feminine fabler's fabric fell
Faded flakes formulate few
Foe forgot for fair forgiveness
Faking finances fragile fortunes
Formal forks fetch food

Go get green groceries
Greasy geeks gaffle gold
Giraffes get growing
Genecide gives greed
Guilds gawk gistfully
Guests greeted graciously
Grinning gremlins glow gourds
Grass grows grand
Gravity grabs grapes
Gallivanting grandmas garden gracefully

Hairy hounds hunt hippopotamus Helmet headaches
Hiccups hate having hunger
Haunting hiding hellions holler hoaxes
Heaven has horrible hosts
His half hopeful heart hears hers
Hedonism? Hobbling happy hexagons
Hissing heat helps hotties handle halation
Halos hop haphazardly
Holy hoop holds hands
Horizontal how heavy heads hang
Hacking hypocrites hassle

Indifference induces indisputable ignorance
Institutional ideals improvising individuality?
Intelligent interests include insightful intention
Injustice's inevitable involvement in individual interests
Interpretation involves intrascoping ideas
Icy igloos indeavor invisibility
If independent impressionists improvise, is it insufficient?
Ingesting inexcusable infusions imparts indiscrete illness
Instigators invoke injury
Invasive itemizing implicates inflation

Jack jocking jokesters jump justice
Jaded janis joplin junkies jrink jreams

Kava keys keep kalm
Kamikaze killer keens
Kinetic kite, kilowatts kin
Klutz keeps kissing knees
Kinky king kidnaps kids
Kindhearted Krishna karma

Let lifelines leak lotuses
Listen, lips literally liquidate like lakes
Logical lapels loath lunch litter
Leaves leapfrog, longing less landing
Lurking lords laser lover's leavers
Latching locks 'lleviates losing luck
Lassoes lift loosely, levitation
Liquor lends loud lawless living

Mac-alliaceous Mrs. Member
Masculine machos miss many mamas
Maybe most men meet merrily
Mountains? Mere molehills.
Moxy mailing mischief messes minds
Mr. Marlboro masters masochism
Menstrual markets mooch money
Morphology meddles miniscule moments
Masturbation mends mysteries
Musical monologue maps moons
More mental messages misinterpreted
Mystical magician muffles mistakes
Morbid monsters mourn morgues
Massive meat market miscalculation
Millions misguided
Mighty malls mock motives
Moldy matter mentions midget motivation
Masquerading merry mission manifestos

Nodding never noticed nuisances
Nearing national Nasa nestings
Nine names nicely know Neptune
No number needs needles nests
Narcoleptics naturalize nocturnal neverland
Nature nooses narks not natives
Nullification neighs no'no's knowing
Noodling noses nasty notions
Nauseous nickels naked nectar
Napping knees navigate nothing

Onions open ontologically
Old ostentatious operations
Orgasmic origination
Ovary orbits organically
Of others or ourselves

Present perfection permeates pores
Problematic preferences play pennies
Plenty paper presents playful panaceas
Practice pulls panicky pens
Piercing perforates particular places
Pretty people produce purple pensions
Pretend palettes packing passion
Pale paisley plums pressurize
Plate puke pelts panties
Precious plots pleat ply princes
Princesses parading primates
Paris peaks press persecuted performance
Pain pierces pairs pelvic pace
Pendulous preaches privy privates
Padded portraits pave purposes
Publication prevents places proven
Poetry pussy pink protrudence
Prude papa prays patronage projects
Probable palaces pretense pastures
Passive patience peels packages
Prehistoric passage pet peeve progression
Pots & Pans petrify prevailing plaque

Quiet quirky quivering

Rawkus reveals restless revocation
Remedies redeem rather rapid rates
Relevant rational radar reveals repertoires
Raining relentlessly ravishes radically
Rent reads rancid raking rascals
Red rape raids revenues
Ridiculous races relegate right
Redemption Rasta’s reproduce reggae
Rocking readers reveal rampant

Sleeveless sailors sit soaking
Satisfying singers salivate symphonies
September sews sorry seeds
Say silly socks saw Saturn
Senegal soaks simple salaries
Seven sentinel stuffers stack sentences
Savvy soap slurps skins so soft
Sappy service sends sophisticated suffering
Séance Sally sat so stiff scared
Sample sends some sacrificial sense
Saxophone sanity saw stilts
Swishing salamanders swim swamps
Sachets smell solar separation
Seeking sapling sociology
Saucy sickening Santa sleeps
Sun scorches successfully
Sexy sleepers sound so sensual

Two timers talk terribly
Telemarketers tell tired tales to the town
Thick torsos trickle thin
Trigonometry trades triangles tips
Trolley trails trains
Trucker's trunks turn trickily
Treat Tomorrows trauma today
Toss televisions through tall trapdoors
Tongue temptation teases thighs
Trampolines tickle tall tensions
Thirsty trees taste temperatures
Teach turkey to talk
Traveling transverses traversing
Trapping teal tears taught Torrance
Tactile traditions tend trepidations
Temples take terrible thieves
Three times ten? Thirty
Transit trustingly turns tightly
Tampering tapedecks trash tunes
Tiny typewriters trapesing truths

Ugly urchins urinate underwear
Unwetted under umbrellas

Vanessa, vivacious vixen
Vast vissicitudinal variety
Vespertine visualizes volcanic vitality
Vogue voices vanity
Vitamin verdure
Venus's venturous verve

Words work when wishes wake
Whittle wonderful was women
Watchful, wow or woe?
Winter wind waves wandering wings
Weakly walking where waning went
Whistling what warriors wrought
Who went with wild wielding won
Wise wheat wistfully woke worlds
Worry wallows warhead wreckage
We want worship washings
Wasting weekdays which won't wait
Weaseling wars win Once-was wood.
Whisper why warm wetted wicks will weeze
We’re without wanting wearing wisdom

Xpert xylophone xperiments

Yappy yellow yokes yell yesterday
Your yelping yields years yet
yes, yin-yang yo-yo

Zippers zigzag zanily
Zen zephyrs zonk zzzz's
Zealous zebra ‘zine

I wrote these lines one summer around 2003 on scraps of paper while cleaning lobbies of apartments after my headphones finally broke and i had to become musical to pass the time.

I took spelling and pnemonic liberties and did my best to not repeat words, although if you find them its because the resulting phrases were too good to loose in spite of it.

Thanks and Have Fun!



xo, vanessa