Saturday, April 2, 2011

6th Annual {EARTHDAY RUN WAY with Madam Chino and Friends!}


One more year!

In celebration of Earth Week on Wednesday April 20th 2011 at High Noon and 12:30pm, UWM will sponsor the 6th Annual “EARTH DAY RUNWAY with Madam Chino and Friends.” The high energy spring fashion show will feature the Madam Chino Spring Men and Women's Collections in addition to the student work of her NO-SWEAT SEWING classes at the UWM Studio Arts and Crafts Centre. Music will be presented by the Drummers of the UWM dance Department in association with De La Buena.

Madam Chino has been creating recycled wearable art in Milwaukee for nearly ten years. All of her work is constructed using rescued fabric and much of it includes hand drawn hand screened prints.

Madam Chino’s LOOK NOOK is her official showroom open each Saturday from noon-six pm at 100A E. Pleasant Street on the 3rd floor of the Milwaukee Fortress building. View the work by visiting following links!