Thursday, February 3, 2011

{SNOW DAY!} mke wi 2011

at the fortress we have free parking! luckily, if you can get your car up the hill to park there before the storm, you are safe from the usual mess of street parking or even extracting your car from an alley. That also means walking a mile to and from the office. also, luckily, we had a snow day from school. Tyler and I walked to the fort and made things all day!
mke feb 2 2011
the bluster was creating snow drifts taller than people in some places
mke feb 2 2011
even the snowman was buried
mke feb 2 2011
but to build a new snowman you didn't even have to roll a ball, you could just grab out chunks of snow
new ty 015
we didn't see any bikers
mke feb 2 2011
to cross the street was a special challenge
mke feb 2 2011
but we made it up to the studio for hot ovaltine and some photoshoots and tyler is even using the serger to make pouches.
we had a great day!