Monday, January 20, 2014

{WEB SHOP} Progress Report

The Madam Chino web-shop catalogues and chronicles every detail of each post-consumer t-shirt product we produce: collecting and archiving visual and mathematical information on all aspects of each item including both measurements of size, shape, color, wear and fit, as well as time measurements on production tasks to create fair individual and wholesale pricing. We are tracking a lot of information! Have a look at our spreadsheet and all the tabs:
Maniacal spreadsheet action
While no small task and with thoroughness a must, we are working on closing the gaps on most of our unfinished data so that we may present the public with our eco-sustainable recycled t-shirt wearables on February 1st 2014 at high noon.

Here is an example of our product color overlay alongside the colorspreads showing our products in multiple color choices.
Each product also contains a number of model shots! We are currently working on producing and curating each of these images for our web shop and PDF look book!

We will continue to add new and updated products often and seasonally until we are so exhausted we become our own compost. Please stay tuned, bookmark our shop early on the web and our blog too, follow us on instagram, twitter, and like us on Facebook


view a few of our web product model photo shoots HERE, HERE, HERE

We sincerely appreciate all of your interest and support in creating unique, accessible, affordable fashion from post-consumer products.

All the Best,
Madam Chino