Saturday, June 11, 2011

Madam Chino WOMENS SPRING 2011

Handdrawn woodgrain, grass, and birds as observed in nature by Madam Chino, hand screened disassembled t-shirts reassembled into short gowns.
LOOK at the entire set!

SPRING11steph 369

SPRING11steph 393

SPRING11steph 521

SPRING11steph 293

SPRING11steph 323

SPRING11steph 184

SPRING11steph 239

SPRING11steph 070

SPRING11steph 210

Special Thanks to all my homies and trubies, support and love! Model Citizens, the UWM Craft Center, and Stephanie Renee Alderson.

Visit the LOOK NOOK Saturdays in the Summer at the East Side Green market from 10am-2pm, or at the LOOK NOOK Show Room for post market shopping and making from 4-7pm. Each week new craft projects are provided in addition to food and bevs, but feel free to bring your own and a project!

Madam Chino