Wednesday, February 10, 2010

{HOW TO} Turn 1 Sweater into 2 Hoodscarves!

You can feel all warm and fuzzy about saving the planet! It is easy to make a set of hoodscarves from a sweater! A Madam Chino Original: The basic pattern is applied to an upside down sweater: one sleeve opens up to become the scarf and 1/2 of the bodice forms the hoodie.

a nice big sweater, sewing scissors, a sheet for lining, a serger.

A} Cut the sweater down the center and create curved shapes deeper in the center that curve out to either end of the side seams.
B} Trim out the collar.
C} Splice it open on both the side seams and the open the shoulders all the way through the cuffs on either side.

D} Flip the fabric so that the "good sides face together" and serge the the back of the hoodie closed
E} Trace the entire shape of the hood and sleeves onto a 2ply set of fabric, placing the back of the hoodie along the fold of fabric to reduce the amount of sewing necessary. Close up the top of the liner hood with the serger

F} Set the liner into the sweater hoodie, good sides facing together, pin if desired or just "wing it!"
G} Serge the hood and liner together starting at the top and center in order to distribute any stretch and slack equally out. Do the same on the bottom seam. Only serge one sleeve closed.

H} Flip the hoods rightside out through the one open sleeve, fold a hem and topstitch closed!
J} Whip that puppy on!
K} Feel awesome:)
L} Repeat with the other half of the sweater!

madam chino