Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{REJEWELRY} Playing For Key-Pairs

The brick rumbling excitement arising from stumbling upon a giant crate of excess keys from the janitorial staff of our old school building during the move, struck those around as not quite normal. Cast-away keys are a gold-mine in the treasure chest of an upcycler.

The visual texture is unbelievable:
Key Sorting
Key surfs
So many kinds, its necessary to create a nomenclature for them:
pagodas, circles and frogs *Unpictured: knobs, trapezoids, pentagrams
Circles and Frogs
a few uniques:
Mini solo diamond
june12 561
Using illustration board to organize and move the matched sets:
{REJEWELRY} key pairs
We filled the entire corner of my studio with flats of the paired keys, talk about KEYBOARDS!:
Playing for key-pairs
Attaching earring hooks took more than a few hours for so many pairs:
Key rings
And packaging takes a little forethought, however with the help of a paper-cutter, stapler, holepunch, photocopied templates, and a few 2"x3" ziplock bags from ULINE...PRESTO!

Available for $5.00 a pair at MADAM CHINO'S LOOK NOOK but now you can make your own!

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Madam Chino