Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{PLAITRAITS}© plate portraits!

Recollection of the recently past {PLAITRAITS}© at Madam Chino's LOOK NOOK Craft Night! First we drew portraits on styrofoam plates Plaitraits Plaitraits Then we rolled ink on them Plaitraits And printed them! Plaitraits *The tricky part is that the plate is actually a negative, so you have to print light on dark in order to see the same type of contrasts without inverting it. We printed silver on black with brayers and water soluble block printers ink spread on waxpaper, using multiple plates stacked up while braying for support, and spoons to print press. Print results depend on the amount of ink and pressure. Craft Night returns after a 2 week sabbatical. Get ready for {FLAURETTES}© floral aura barrettes Saturday October 1st, and {WINDWELLERS}© wind telling dwellers Saturday October 8th! Best, Madam Chino