Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I missed it in the 80's. There was a store called UNITS where you could buy all kinds of tubes: to be worn as skirts shirts dresses etc, armbands and legwarmers, anyone remember?

I have always been a sucker for comfort over appearance: as a kid I always had my shirt tucked in to avoid annoying pant tags scratching my back.

As I grew, my torso extended well beyond the means of most. Thats why i started using TUBES to create extra length: they are great cumberbunds in the winter under dresses as a torso warmer.

And in summer they are the most comfortable skirt you could imagine, not to mention sexxxxy. YAY! thats my secret.

Don't forget it! And also, you can tell whoever you want.

xoxo, madam chino

Saturday, May 8, 2010

{EARTHDAY RUNWAY} with Madam Chino and FRIENDS


{WOODLYNS} Madam Chino's Spring/Summer Women's line:
handscreened woodgrain recycled t-dresses and branchlers (TM)
{BOMBERS} Madam Chino's Spring/Summer Men's line:
highcollar ribbed plaid buttondowns and recycled t-shirt crochet headbands

Special Thanks!***
>to art for making the video!
>to all my amazing friends for modeling!
>to my students and the UWM Studio Arts and Crafts Centre!
madam chino

Thursday, May 6, 2010

{WOODLYNS} Madam Chino Women's SPRING/SUMMER 2010

{WOODLYNS} Charlottewood
{WOODLYNS} Sincereewood
{WOODLYNS} Angelgrass
{WOODLYNS} Jennagrass
{WOODLYNS} Celestewood
{WOODLYNS} Angelwood
{WOODLYNS} Ashwood
{WOODLYNS} Tinywood
These woodland inspired dresses are handdrawn woodgrain, burned and screened by myself. The backdrop in this shoot is an issue that i've been agonizing over for a while now, but it was painted by Owl Eyes and Myself from my original handdrawn design with a projector on the sidewalls of our summersale canopy.

I am interested in using handpainted projection patterns as backdrops and then reusing them by cutting them up, stretching them over stretcher bars, and then using them for embroidery and screenprinting and painting! The obvious issues are that the patterns will have to be non-competitive for the clothing, yet allow them to stand out!!! Let me know if you have ideas/suggestions! I feel like these clothes are almost camouflaged which is somewhat unfort, howevs, in either event, the photos and the clothes are super cool for keeneyed people.

Guys shoot is happening tonight!!!



madam chino