Saturday, October 13, 2012

{SWAP-O-RAMA} Milwaukee Sewing Company 2012

Since Madam Chino's first Swap-o-Rama at the old Future Green circa 2007, I was friended by kindred sewing spirits Judy and Mary from the Milwaukee Sewing Machine Company, representatives of the shop where I had, all along since 1999, been purchasing sewing machines and having them serviced. These two ladies agreed to be present at several of my adolescent camps, promoting sewing by bringing sewing machines in to the classes for students to learn on, in addition to inviting Madam Chino to participate in the Swap-O-Ramas that take place at their Greenfield Avenue location to promote my shop and classes all while sharing my skill sets with the public.

I recently participated in the West Allis Art Walk SWAP-O-RAMA 2012, showing Swap Participants how to reclaim and reinvent materials! Here is the evidence, via photos taken by Mary!

We learned how to make yarn from flat fabric and fabric tubes...
MKE SEW CO to ladder weave...
MKE SEW COMKE SEW CO to arm knit...
and how to crochet!
Swapsters participated in trying new techniques...
...and got to take whatever they wanted home!!!

Visit Judy and Mary at Milwaukee Sewing Machine Company to get an awesome run through on the variety of Sewing Machines on market! Many machines come with an extended warrenty and free class! They are currently furnishing the new machines that my classes at the UWM Craft Centre will enjoy this session, beginning November 5th. I am also excited to pick up the repaired Pfaff 230 household-converted-industrial motorized machine that they are currently repairing for me :)

Milwaukee Sewing Machine is located at 7226 W. Greenfield Avenue in West Allis. Like MKE SEW CO on FB too!

XX, Madam Chino