Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{now WEAR was I?} 1st Edition

In the winter, under all the layers of down and wool and fleece, there is another often even more beautiful outfit. I got clever, photodocumenting these outfits since they don't ever go on repeat, and also because no one sees them under big warm clothes. Bundled up, I go to the office or studio, and work there all day, all dolled up, and all alone. For whatever reason, dressing nice in the office makes me more productive, so there is this one practical advantage!

{SOCKS with SANDALS} Believe IT! This works in the cold for several reasons... A) wearing two pair of socks, the cute ones over the warm ones keeps your feet warmer and drier than an even warmer pair alone. One warm pair wicks away moisture while the fancy pair screens out the cold air. B) Sandals allow your feet to breathe and not trap the freezing sweat that often contributes to even colder feet. C) Heels keep your feet raised above the freezing ground that would otherwise pull cold into your shoes.

{GIVIN him the BOOT!} Knee high boots are super sexy and practical: they have built in leg warmers!! and they work great with high waisted, above the knee skirts that talk office. This first pair is actually the leather that i cut off from another pair of stilletto boots, and inserted into these much cuter 80's everyday boots to create a dashing and comfortable ensemble. The second pair i picked up in sanfrancisco in the middle of summer for $25.00, well knowing that they'd be perfect for a winter at work.

xoxox, madamchino!