Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Hover Craft in its 4th year was a bigger success than imagined, despite the snow, which started at load in and didn't stop all day.

Here is a quick clip through the windows at 10am

Hover Craft was at Turner Hall this year. The most amazing venue with an Old Milwaukee feeling. We had lights, and banners, and bunting aglow!
Hovercraft 2013
Hovercraft 2013

By the time the doors opened there was 3" on the ground of light fluffy snow that was not easy to drive in. But people were still lining up for a swag bag!
Hovercraft 2013

There were amazing food and coffee vendors, impressive crafts of all kinds. There also was a make-n-take in balcony featuring Paper Polyhedra Ornaments!

This wise woman purchased one of the Madam Chino rescued T-shirt dresses featuring Crate and Barrel satin napkins as the skirting!

Shouts out to these lovely ladies, who make work a pleasure. Check out their work from left to right...
Ashley Smith, Madam Chino, Alyssa Schulte, Cortney Heimerl

Check out the whole set, photos by MIKE G on cortney's page HERE

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Madam Chino