Monday, April 12, 2010

{DOWELS} untiringly useful

DOWELS are a great and useful multipurpose TOOLS. I will show you...


Peg the dowels into book shelves and under objects

Two clothes lines side by side set up the perfect perch for dowel rods!
Use heavier clothes on the peripheral to pull a taut rope or weigh a flat
Clothes pins are also useful as separators if dowels try to run for the center

Sticks rest well in corners, if you have any corners to prop them on it works great on door and window frames.

This dowel makes it easy to screenprint the sleeves of this shirt without it folding over on itself when its wet.

This was constructed with two swinging perches made from dowels slung over a 2x4 that projected into the room over my table. Two more dowels were woven into the the handles of the 500 watt lamp and rested on the perch swings. Disclaimer: Attempt at your own risk and never leave unattended while light is plugged in!

wrap your dowels with wire!

Make jump rings from one wrap, or keyring style double wrapped rings from flimsier stuff.

pretty, useful

madam chino