Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{WCAP} Waukesha Community Art Project!

I am excited to be teaching two afterschool courses this semester at WCAP!
WCAP is a non profit grant funded afterschool art program for Waukesha middle school students.

I will be leading 2 eight week programs that meet twice a week in consecutive terms!

The first 8 weeks are dedicated to creating a large mural in the space dedicated to Heros. We will not only be painting, but patchworking a quilt with paper, decoupaging, printing, drawing, making wallpaper, writing and doing math!

The second 8 weeks are all about Tshirt Reclamation, my favorite topic. We will be drawing, screen printing, fabric dying, pattern making, draping, and sewing.

Take a quick tour via my {WCAP SET} on flickr, or browse these couple of fav photos.

WCAP is in a storefront in Downtown Waukesha with lots of creative space
Wvap yarn bomb downtown waukesha

Waukesha Community Art Project


In addition to a healthy attitude towards recycling!
Wcap tube window art!

WCAP hostessed 'YARN BURST' a yarn graffiti project inspired by "Knitta Please" in downtown waukesha.
Wcap yarn bomb

Don't forget our holiday craft sale! I will remind you :)
WCAP holiday sale!

And stay tuned for progress reports on the mural and clothing designs!

x o, v