Friday, February 19, 2010

{HEY SWEATER DRESS!} get on my body

SWEATERDRESSES! You are the love of my neverending afternoon! Madam Chino has repurposed these sweater swaths for your flattery. Soon to be on etsy, you can find these at the look nook starting tomorrow. Special thanks to RACHEL at MERE TRIFLES for the photoshoot. WELL DONE!

1st} cut off the sleeves and set them as the bodice (ie. the neckline is the old wrists)
2nd} cut off the bodice and flip the hem so it is the new empire waist
3rd} trim out the shoulders and reset them as the sleeves
4th} serge all loose ends
5th} put in a zipper at the neckline if the knit isn't stretchy enough for easy in and out!
xoxo, madam chino