Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Its always funny when you google your name and find new things! For example, little ocean and i were both mentioned in this article by cortney heimerl ,one of the writers of Handmade Nation

Also, I found Cricket Toes a blogger lady who was promoting my classes for me! WHAT A DOLL!

Then theres an article with an interview I can't remember doing in Front Page Milwaukee about Earth Week, one of the busiest times of year for me!

More info on the Recycadelic Pspring Runway Show called Rainbows and Drums with photos i've never seen, in the uwm post, what a GREAT ARTICLE, and very interesting to read another persons interpretation on my style:)

now, as for me, i think i won't be able to forget how to post a hyperlink ever again!

madam chino

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