Wednesday, December 16, 2009


You have an Itinerary, but do you have a MYtinerary ANNUAL PLANNER?

MYtinerary ANNUAL PLANNER, 2nd ED!

Written and Illustrated by Vanessa Andrew
Published by Penny $pencer INK!
Milwaukee WI 53212

-Fill in your Own DATES
-Hand-bound by the ARTIST
-Printed LOCAL to the artist
-56 unique Two-Spread weekly Layouts with lots of room to write!
-Each week includes a 1/2 sheet MEMO box
-Each week uses classic tab look,
-with grey tone fade out imagery in boxes
-black and white imagery in borders
-12 Month spreads in the beginning of the book
-Blank Annual Dates spread in the beginning for your reference
-Myinfo page
-Hand cut, folded and Machine Sewn Folder
-Hand cut dovetail Ribbon Placeholders
-A Green Sanford roller PEN in the BINDING!

Check out all the spread looks in their flickr set

ALSO, check out the Penny Spencer LOG BOOK Organizer or BLANK Tabby NB's as a perfect Organizer match!

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