Saturday, July 13, 2013

>>>---COLOR CHARTS!--->

The long awaited up-cycled T-shirt Color Chart was finally "nailed down" (appliqued actually), where each color is sampled in all it's variations and culled into files for the Madam Chino website.

Here is an image of the sample items.
#tshirt #color #swatches for the #madamchino website coming soon

These samples were then scanned into the computer to create very accurate color variation charts, one for each color, as a disclaimer for the possible outcomes of used shirts when choosing a product in any one color.

Finally, the pantones were selected for the best match, and currently color overlays are being produced for each product eventually appearing on the Madam Chino website as product photos! Lifestyle shoots are in the works on our tiny boat this summer!

The website is currently under construction but follow this link to a slideshow preview page and stay tuned.

Madam Chino

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