Monday, September 5, 2011

{HOVER CRAFT!} 2nd Edition!

Hover Craft is a Milwaukee Craft Fair taking place at SWEET WATER ORGANICS on Saturday DECEMBER 3rd, 2011 and supporting a roster of all local Milwaukeean Makers in order to bring an all Local Holiday Shopping Experience to our city.

Visit for all the necessary info! Booth fee is $40.00

How do I join?
Apply! Our application process is simple:
Please send your name, your business name and links to your stuff with a description on what you plan on doing for Hover Craft. Links can be to your Facebook profile photo album, Flickr account, blog, website, Etsy - any site that can give us an idea of what you do. If you do not have any of these, please attach 3-5 images of your work to your application email. We will work with individuals who have an idea and no pictures. We would love to hear your ideas!


Czeck out the blog for all the necessary info.


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