Thursday, June 30, 2011

{LOOK NOOK} Traveling Saturday Showcase and Craft Night Calendar!

LOOK NOOK Traveling Showcase and Craft Night Calendar
All coined terms are original phrases invented by Madam Chino for the {DARN IT!} Look Nook Craft Night programming, 2011, rights reserved.

June 18th: {Woodallions}: Embroidered and burnished coin cut branch charms
June 25th: {H2O'lsters}: Strapping crochet waterbottle holsters
July 2nd: {Excess}sorries: aka ReJewelry (tm) Turn excessories into accessories again. Get out the ole satchels of booty and make diy jumprings! Pool and/or trade. Bring tools or broken jewels to share.
July 9th: {Potatotes}: Potato print your handmade tote!
July 16th: {Sticklaces}: drill, strand, burnish and/or paint your own stick necklaces!
July 22nd: Gallery night: Amigurumi show closing!
July 23rd: Amigurumi: Show closing and crochet fun

Stay Tuned for events throughout the summer and into early fall!

Madam Chino

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