Friday, March 26, 2010

{now WEAR was I?} dark denim

As a clothing reconstruction artist people call me to unleash loads of old garments onto me. I understand that everything can always be totally awesome, but in the case that i might find one treasure in a bag of trash is worth the effort of going through peoples heaps. I have a 1997 emerald green chevy astro van, so in this effort i provide a service of bringing peoples unwanted things to thriftstores for them, so that I can have first dibbs.

I have a lot of awesome stories about getting some really amazing things, like the 2 vanloads that I got from Ann and Flame when they emptied their antique booth at Riverview, or the entire 18 bags of vintage clothes that i was gifted from Yellow Jacket. Almost all of this was Mint, and I am still wading through this stuff from years and months ago. Besides the claustrophobia that initiated these poor collectors massive perge of totally amazing things, a lot of what I get it is pretty obvious why it went unwanted.

I call my syndrome "velveteen rabbit syndrome" where i feel sorry for inanimate objects and want to make them worthy of human love again. I am currently working on a series of handbags made of the 2 trunks of cut and sorted but completely mismatched denim. Mismatched denim is the most UGLY thing in the world according to Madam Chino. In effort to unify all this denim, i am screenprinting blue quilt shapes on all of it. I also realized that I will never wear anything but Dark Blue Denim. (In addition to black and grey Cheap Mondays, which i continue to buy despite that their zippers constantly break, because they are high hip and square that the top so they don't cause that aweful muffin top)

Madam Chino

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